GBV and HIV combine to occasion harmful physical, emotional, psychological and social effects on individuals. Psychological and social consequences of GBV like anger, shame, self-blame may lead to withdrawal and hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and depression. HIV being a life threatening disease, the infected experience different emotions such as shame, denial, anxiety, grief and low self esteem as they are no longer confident in themselves or what they can achieve. Socially the survivor of the two may experience social stigma; rejection and withdrawal from family; and problems in interpersonal relationships. Some survivors recover using their own personal coping mechanisms but some individuals require additional support to cope with the normal stresses of life, and the challenges that come along being infected and to resume social functioning. This section presents four critical areas that are of consideration when giving psychosocial support. These areas include livelihood, Counseling, Education and Community. The resources under each section provide information on how psychosocial issues are addressed

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